Marvin and Marvin, PLLC has a well-earned reputation in the Hudson Valley for providing exceptional legal services in a broad range of practice areas. Bob and John Marvin bring to the area attention to detail and sophistication that many associate only with large New York City based firms. That is where both began their practices, but Bob and John know that quality is not exclusive to urban areas.

Bob and John Marvin continue the tradition of quality legal service started by their father, Robert J. Marvin, Sr. in 1957.

Our attorneys are “hands on” with every matter undertaken. You are not signed up and passed off to a junior associate as often occurs with larger firms. Service of the client’s interests is our first priority. We accomplish that by understanding the client’s needs and goals, communicating effectively with the client and working hard to achieve the desired result at the best possible value.

We educate our clients so they can make informed decisions, which sometimes means not just telling the client what he or she wants to hear. We see that happening all too often, usually leading to great disappointment. We explain the good and the bad, the risks and the rewards. If a matter is outside of our area of expertise, we won’t hesitate to tell you and refer you elsewhere. We understand that our success is tied to your success.

Marvin and Marvin has two offices, Rhinebeck and Pawling, both in Dutchess County, New York. Call us today!

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