Marvin and Marvin draws on vast litigation experience to guide clients through the difficult process of lawsuits and arbitrations. The firm handles a wide array of civil litigation matters, including contract disputes, land disputes, construction cases, will contests, restrictive covenants, personal injury and other civil disputes. Our attorneys understand the need to assess and think through a case as early as possible to enable a client to plan and weigh the risks that always exist in any given case.

Litigation is probably the least understood area of legal practice to the public. Perhaps it is because it is not what you see on television. All too often we hear “I don’t care about the cost, it’s the principle I care about” or “I’d rather pay you than him.” Believe us when we tell you that principle can be expensive and it might pay to pay “him” instead of us. We make sure you move forward with your eyes wide open. Civil cases are mostly about money and what Marvin and Marvin tries to do with every case is achieve a result that brings the best value to the client. If that means going to trial, we go to trial. If that means settling a case, we work to settle the case. If creative solutions are called for we get creative. Throughout the process, we provide advice and advocacy to help the client control his or her destiny.

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